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Iconic Posters - Poster Icons. Rene Gauch
Iconic Posters - Poster Icons. Rene Gauch
Код товара: 9783716517529 Benteli Verlag

Iconic Posters - Poster Icons. Rene Gauch

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Among the immense variety of printed matters, the poster is without doubt the visual designer's supreme discipline. Every poster is a new challenge for its creator. It is a tradition for many museums, interested in cultivating a smart, artistic image, to present themselves through sophisticated posters.They are meant to arouse interest and convey the essence of an exhibition through iconic imagery. To Rene Gauch, the personal and spontaneous compliments from museum visitors and colleagues and the memories they take home are more important than national or international awards. The high quality of his works springs from a fascinating interplay of image and text. It must be a passion for artistic composition that inspired Rene Gauch to create poster masterpieces. The tools and stylistic devices of his work are precision, fantasy, playfulness and a will to experiment. The exhibitions advertised are long over, but the posters remain with us as witnesses of a whole era. Rene Gauch's iconic posters are nowadays...
Rene Gauch
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Benteli Verlag
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