• 2 Color Graphics: Unlimited Design Solutions
Two-color graphics offer a range of bold effects from somber and elegant to edgy and bold. More importantly, theyre inexpensive to print, which perhaps explains who two-color printing is so widely used.
Despite its popularity, however, two-color printing has a stigma of looking cheap compared to four-color pieces. This book puts that myth to rest by showing how truly dynamic effects can be achieved with simple, inexpensive two-color printing. Besides its simplicity, it has a style all its own, which can convey sophistication, elegance, and integrity.
Included is a color finder section designed to show readers a variety of color combinations for various projects such as logos, packaging, book jackets, and posters. Each featured project is shown in thumbnail size in 15 to 20 different two-color combinations.

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2 Color Graphics: Unlimited Design Solutions

  • Издательство: Rockport
  • ISBN: 9781592530922
  • Наличие: 1
  • 400р.